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Siege: Para(going, going) gons of the Klaxxi

Poster: Sho on Fri Apr 04, 2014 09:57

33. Klaxxi.jpg
Many many moons ago, a young night-elf called "Alv" was at the Rut'theran Village Cinema.
Sat down watching the movie "Bug's Life" he happened to notice a Large Beetle sat next to him.
"erm, are you a Beetle?" he asked inquisitively but with surprise.
"Why yes I am young Night-Elf, what a Keen eye you have" replied the Beetle.
"Ringo... is that you?. aah nvm, how come you're at the cinema then Mr. Beetle?" asked young Alv.
The Beetle replied, "Well, I thought I'd go & see this film as I loved the book."

(Yes these puns / jokes etc are getting worse...)

FANTASTIC KILL EVERYONE. Quick kill considering the amount of crap we had to remember.
Well done everyone. Once again a 'Past Tense Pat' on the back to Air for his break-down of the bosses & Raid-Leading, and to everyone else (present for the kill or NOT) give yourselves a 'Past Tense Pat' on the back also for your perseverance, assistance, dogged grit & determination in seeing off the pesky vermin.

Shame about the crappy Loot though (although congrats to Slash on getting a Dagger).
However after many arduous months or Blood, Sweat, Tears & Laughter...
Our final reward is a date with...

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Siege: Helix Blackfuse - You have 60+ wipes to comply...

Poster: Sho on Tue Mar 25, 2014 11:42

32. Blackfuse.jpg
INTRODUCING THE STAR FROM SHOBOCOP - The Future of Lawl Enfarcement... DEAD-209

From Past Tense: who brought you 'Jurassic Orc', 'PT Powah Rangers' & "Soupa Alvio Bruvvers",
comes an Idea stolen and rehashed, starring the Goblin you love to hate, and hate to love...

Helix "Siegecrafter" Blackfuse.

LONG TIME COMING EVERYONE. Bloody well done all, what a pain in the ass fight this was.
Special thanks goes to Air for the leading & fine tuning. Also to Ninya & Elwolf for your additional info posts regarding this boss, and not forgetting to YOU ALL for your effort, patience, input & output in this fight.

Congrats to Alvfred (Bracers & Trinket), Narith & Sweetchaos (Tier Shoulders).
Once again, MAJOR THANKS to EVERYONE with the progress on this Kill (here or not).
As always your Help & Patience is priceless, which is one of many reasons why I love this guild.

Paragons of the Klaxxi next - seems like a not-so straight up fight & a Bug-Hunt all rolled into one!
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Siege: For Thok's Sake - Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Poster: Sho on Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:42

Why did Thok the Bloodthirsty cross the road?
(Who?, I always thought the joke was "Why did the Chicken cross the road?").
OK then, why did the Chicken cross the road?
(He was following the Goat!).
For Thok's sake, so why did the Goat, Chicken or whoever cross the road then?
To run the fcuk away from Thok the Bloodthirsty!
(Dedicated to all our Guildie Dino-Runners!)

Erm, where's the Goat? - [Courtesy of Shócóyó-TV] :lol:

EXCELLENT KILL EVERYONE. 7% on 1st attempt of the night. Went a bit downhill for a while.
Then got our sh!t together & killed it (admittedly another close one!) = Your typical Past Tense Raid!

Congrats to Voux (Helm), Pócó (Trink), Elwolf (Helm).
As always MAJOR THANKS to ALL with the progress on this Kill (here or not).
It shouldn't have to be said (as you already know this) but your help is invaluable.

So... Siegecrafter Blackfuse next! Rumour has it, he's pissed at us for breaking his 'Favourite Toy'
Guess he's not gonna be too thrilled when we break him then?
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Siege: Spoils of Pandaria... DEAL or NO DEAL?

Poster: Sho on Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:42

30. Spoils of Pandaria.jpg
Coming Soon from the Guild that brought you the game show "Strictly Come Prancing (Goat Edition)",
comes an Idea stolen from someone & rehashed, but hosted by your favourite Goblin... Sly Smilie.

DEAL or NO DEAL (or DIE!) - [Courtesy of BesuroTV]
Similar to the popular game show, but on a much cheaper & brutal scale.
Imagine 'Deal or NO Deal' meets 'Battle Royale'. :lol:

VEEEERY NICE KILL. With some Tinkering & Tweaking (Can never have enough Hunters!).
However it didn't help when Sho got a little too excited!

(oooh what's in this box?, and this one?, ooh that one too? - oh sh!t... How many boxes have I opened?

Congrats to Looqutus (Necklace). As usual MAJOR THANKS to ALL with the progress on this Kill (here or not), as always your help is invaluable.

Rumour has it THOK is related to Horridon... (oh noes!).
Last night he was clocked running after a certain Goat at over 40mph!

However, it was like watching Jurassic Park once again... Mwuahahaha!
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Siege: Malkorok'd & Rolled - Past Tense Style.

Poster: Sho on Tue Jan 21, 2014 01:03

29. Malkorok.jpg
It's just a jump to the left - or move your ass to the right...
With your hands on your hips - You squeeze your knees in tight
But it's the Breath of Y'sharrj that really drives you insane...
Get Shac to Time Warp again..!

We'd be seriously crap at a guild dance get together. I think we all have 2 left feet! :lol:

Congrats on this one. Seems a LOONG TIME since we killed something (other than ourselves).
Bare in mind this was pretty much the 2nd FULL NIGHT on this idiot boss since the Christmas Break.

Congrats to Voux (Trinket), Pócóyó (Shield), Ninya (Chest),
Looqutus (Hood) & Rutabaga (Bracers) on the Spare Rolls loot.
As always BIG THANKS to everyone with the progress with this boss kill (here or not), you all helped.
Now we get to open some belated Christmas Crate Pressies left by some Goblins.
Surely nothing untoward can come from this???
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Past Tense 'Two-4-One' Christmas Sale NOW ON!!!

Poster: Sho on Wed Dec 18, 2013 13:07

Past Tense 'Two-4-One' Christmas Sale NOW ON!!!

27. Dark Shaman.jpg

28. General Nazgrim.jpg
[ADDITIONAL BONUS OFFER]: Seeing that its mere days before Christmas we thought we'd also throw in TWO MORE Bonuses.
Upon receiving your bonus kill, we'll now give you Siegemaster Blackfuse & Paragons of the Klaxxi (Flexible Edition) absolutely free!

Dark Shaman: It's safe to say this was a fight most of us wasn't looking forward too (Melee especially). After Queprad (Many Thanks for that!) informed us of a "3-Tank Method" we put that into action. Made life a bit easier for the DPS, but still a strain on the Healers. After having to agree this fight was NOT for Melee, we finally 'Sleighed' these Shaman into the Past Tense Wall-of-Shame. Now for the General...

General Nazgrim: Final Boss in the Gates of Retribution Wing. Even though he was our enemy you have to give him respect for getting into the 'Spirit of Christmas', with him wearing his Red Winter Hat.
As is shown on the above SS, Alvfred & Shó managed to join in the festive fun!

Thus it came to pass, that on this day of 18th December, Past Tense breached within the Gates,
and would finally enter 'The Underhold' of Orgimmar
(to be continued).

Bloody Well done all. Those Shaman are a right pain in the arse and make no mistake of that!
However, we persevered - Coming close on a number of occasions, but finally did it this night, and to top things off Killed Poor Old General Nazgrim for the LOLZ
(Nice Hat though!)

BIG THANKS to everyone with the progress of these bosses (here or not), you all helped with this kill! Christmas Break is soon upon us, so we'll see what happens there.
Maybe some Fun-Runs or might even venture into the Underhold - we'll see...

Other than that, this was a Nice Christmas Bonus - WELL DONE EVERYONE!
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Siege: Iron Juggernaut loses to PT at Minesweeper shock!

Poster: Sho on Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:09

26. Iron Juggernaut.jpg
With Iron Juggernaut slain, and the outskirts of Orgimmar secured.
It's time to enter the lair of the Enemy.

With some pre-planning, Team Tinkering & some Druid / Lock mine interaction here & there,
the so called "Juggernaut!" got a Past Tense Slapping that rocked the outer foundations.

Thus it came to pass, that on this day of 22nd November, Past Tense breached the outer defences,
and was to finally enter The Lair of the Enemy that is Orgrimmar itself (to be continued).

Well done all. A slightly hectic fight, with alot happening at times to deal with. Had a 3% attempt on him, but in the end the kill went pretty smooth(ish). Added with a Galakras 1-shot beforehand it was a productive night for sure.

Congrats to Narith (Legs) & Shó (Dodge Trink) on the loot.
BIG THANKS to everyone with the progress of this boss (here or not), you all helped with this kill!
Now we get to kill some Shaman... (no NOT Pócóyó... well... no promises anyway).
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Siege: Galakras has Fallen (& took the NET down with him!)

Poster: Sho on Mon Nov 18, 2013 18:35

Another Kill, and another Screenshot (on-time too!)

That bloody Dragon... There was (for a moment) that I thought this was going to be our "Horridon" of this raid. Thankfully that's NOT the case. With some in-depth planning, some tweaks here & there etc. Finally shot that beast from the sky, got our shit together & kicked his scaled ass.

Congrats everyone, that was a nice kill, and non too soon as well. However the "Elders of the Internet" we're displeased with this, and took out its wrath on a number of our raiders last night, which brought an early end to a productive night.

Grats to Voux & Alvfred on the loot. As will be the norm, I've continued to add the raiders names underneath the 'Boss Name'. Well done & thanks to everyone who helped in the progress of this kill... May it continue!
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Siege: Sha of Pride finally dispelled once & for all.

Poster: Sho on Wed Oct 23, 2013 19:53

24. Sha of Pride.jpg
Another Kill. Oh and look, even posted only a day after the event too..! ;)

So, not really a taxing fight, deal with the mechanics, free the prisoners, kill adds, oh & l2dispell. :lol:
Anyway as repeated time & time again, we are moving in the right direction, Galakras however is a tad step up, but as always its about taking it step-by-step. Well done & congrats everyone.

Thanks to Nerfbob he streamed this fight (see above) - Thank god he didn't post the previous ones...
Wouldn't exactly be a great advert for the guild now would it!?!

Bloody KFC Powah ftw? Elwolf & Voux you pair of Fat Cluckers! (Yes, I said CLUCKERS!).
I thought I'd need to increase the resolution of this screenie just to fit everyone in!
(As always. I've continued to add the raiders names underneath the 'Boss Name' - Well done).
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Siege: Norushen & the Amalgam of Corruption Past Tensified!

Poster: Sho on Tue Oct 22, 2013 20:21

23. Norushen.jpg

Nice kill Once more. Apologies for the time it took me to sort this out. I had done it the day after Air sent it,
but admittedly I got sidetracked with something else. ;)

Anyway, we are getting there, and hopefully Sha of Pride is next! Well done & congrats everyone. We had a few annoying wipes on this boss, but as always we plod onwards & upwards! Hopefully another new screenie will appear soon (and hopefully sooner too!).

As earlier I made the request about stacking & lack of spell effect, Air manages to capture the pic as my damn back is turned! However, as you can see, when you have a blueish tint on the floor & light effects too, it can be a pain to see the names, so lets keep up with the stacking, move the pets out of the way and also get rid of your companions please.
(I will continue from now on to add the raiders names underneath the 'Boss Name' in future).
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