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Application: Zaar (Rogue) 
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Post Application: Zaar (Rogue)
Mandatory Info

Char Name: Zaar (WOW Armory :: Warcrafter)

Server: Bronzebeard

Class: Rogue

Level: 70

Is this your main char? Yes

Current spec: Combat Swords

What other specs have you played? Assassination

If it is necessary to change your current spec are you willing to do so? Yes

What are your professions? Leatherworking (375) and Skinning (375)

How long have you been playing? Since beta

Previous Guilds: On this server Raiders of Lost Arc & The Burning Souls (current) On Daggersnipe I was in The Corporation

Why did you leave? The Burning Souls - Nice, friendly guild, but can't get a raid place due to the late times I'm online. The GM is aware I am looking about for the right guild.
Raiders of Lost Arc - My first guild on Bronzebeard & left because it was a feeder guild to The Burning Souls.
The Corporation (Daggersnipe PvP) - The guild imploded due to internal politics (which I wasn't pivvy too)

How often do you play? Nearly every day

How many heroic keys do you have? All

Are you attuned to Kara (if not what are you missing)? Yes

What days can you raid? Mon - Thurs, apart from a few exceptions due to family commitments & some Fri, Sat & Sundays. All depends on what my wife has planned!!

What's the best time for you to raid? From 10.30pm til 1am (server time)

What is your raid experience? To be honest, apart from one trip to Kara, none.

Why do you want to join us? Grouped with a few Past Tense guys in the past, in PUG's, & always seemed like good players. Then saw your advert in game, took a look at your guild info & liked what I saw.

How did you hear about us? In game advert

Do you know someone from our guild? I don't think so.

We usually raid from 23 server time till 2. Is that ok with you? At a push, but not every night due to maybe killing myself driving to work when tired!

Seventeen players have signed up for tonight's raid. You were the 3rd person to sign up, but you're not in the final 10. What would you do (feel free to give us a true answer, and not the one we're expecting you to ;))? Find out why I missed out, & if it was gear, skill, etc looks at ways to remedy that, and if it was a class thing, fair do's, go & enjoy the game.

Out of game info. It's optional, but we'd love to know a little bit more about you!

How old are you? 41

Where are you from? England

What do you do for a living? IT (SCM)

Why did you start playing WoW? I'm part of a gaming organistaion, The Corporation, & had been playing Planetside & afew other games with them. WoW was the next big thing. I'd never tried this type of game before so joined a PvP server in beta & the rest is history. Even really enjoyed the PvP. Certainly keeps you on your toes when questing!

What are your hobbies? Normal bloke things, football, rugby, etc (too old & slow to play now!), drinking beer once in a while, playing WoW & Day of Defeat & the family.

Other info you might find worth mentioning

I don't get massive amounts of time to play, usually late on once I've satified the family needs, so I always aim to enjoy myself when I'm online.

That's it I think.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Tue Apr 08, 2008 13:02
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Post Re: Application: Zaar (Rogue)
Thank you for your application.

Please contact me in game, or one of the other officers:

Harpo, Dorthar, Shacria, Matori, Amandil, Hermes, Rutabaga, Zethus.

Winner of the Guild's Worst Singer Award

Thu Apr 10, 2008 08:39
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