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Application: Blackharte (Rogue) 
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Post Application: Blackharte (Rogue)
Mandatory Info

Char Name: Blackharte (WOW Armory :: Warcrafter)

Server: Bronzebeard (EU)

Class: Rogue

Level: 70

Is this your main char? Yes

Current spec: Combat Dagger [15/41/5]

What other specs have you played? Combat Sword [20/41/0]

If it is necessary to change your current spec are you willing to do so? I am fully attuned and exalted with violet eye

What are your professions? Enchanting (375) and Engineering (375)

How long have you been playing? 2.5 years

Previous Guilds: Misdirect to Healer

Why did you leave? The guild has decided not to RAID (due to GM personal illness etc), and people are leaving who want to raid.

How often do you play? everyday (evening)

How many heroic keys do you have? All TBC

Are you attuned to Kara (if not what are you missing)? I am fully attuned and exalted with violet eye

What days can you raid? Most nights, and most days at weekends

What's the best time for you to raid? 9pm (server time) onward

What is your raid experience? Kara / ZA / Gruul / SSC (Lurker) / TK (Void)

Why do you want to join us? I originally moved to Bronzebeard from Kul-Tiras with my RL friend, as we'd become weary of lack of Raid Progress within guild (*fresh start so to say). We joined Honoris Causa who split within 2days of us joining (yeh, i know... Bad luck or what), we joined remaining members to Misdirect to Healer to Raid, but lack of active people and classes have caused problems, and then (as mentioned above) the guild decided to refrain from Raiding (with a few people moving on). I realise that the position of "Rogue" is not open, so i'm not really expecting much TBH, all i can say is as with any guild i have joined, i have given as much as i can give to make sure the guild 1st and foremost progress's (thus if this is the case, then you personally also do the same). Looking at what info i have seen about you, I'm hoping I can in someway make a worthwhile contribution, and at the same time have fun and quite frankly kick some ass!! :)

How did you hear about us? Have frequented wowjitsu a few times and have seen the guild on the guild list, and have also heard a few people mention that Past Tense were good also.

Do you know someone from our guild? Not Personally no.

We usually raid from 23 server time till 2. Is that ok with you? Time is not an issue, as i work during day, therefore evening raids are perfect for me.

Seventeen players have signed up for tonight's raid. You were the 3rd person to sign up, but you're not in the final 10. What would you do (feel free to give us a true answer, and not the one we're expecting you to ;))? My answer would depend on the situation: If I was still classed as a "Trialist" then OFC Member etc come 1st and foremost. Also on the same basis would the situation be if another of the same class was better "Geared" and "Experienced" than myself, so again.. totally understandable as the Guild comes 1st. Would I be disappointed? OFC I would... Would I spit out my dummy and kick up a fuss... NO. Its Part and parcel of Raid Life, plain and simple, and I'm used to it, and I can live with it.

Out of game info. It's optional, but we'd love to know a little bit more about you!

How old are you? 36

Where are you from? Manchester (UK)

What do you do for a living? IT Sales

Why did you start playing WoW? Got bored of playing Guild Wars, and fancied a change, plus my mate who worked at GAME shop, told be how popular WOW was... Not really looked back ever since (and yeh, my Guild Wars Box is gathering Dust) LOL

What are your hobbies? What? something to do other than Warcraft? are you serious? (Joke) LOL... Music, TV, most other boring stuff... frequently watching movies etc...

Other info you might find worth mentioning

I'm Mature Honest & well mannered - I'm told i have a good sense of humor and most of all i'm extremely tolerant. I'm not afraid to speak on Ventrilo (can communicate well, due to this being a fundamental part of my Daytime job also). I have invested alot of time and effort into WOW (i.e. have a few alts). one of which is an elixir master (so me getting flasks / elixirs etc isnt a problem). As mentioned previously, i am fully aware the position of ROGUE isnt open at the moment, but thought i'd take a chance and see what happens. I'll be the first to admit, I havent had that great experience in the End-Raid 25mans (limited Experience), but i'm a quick learner and and good listener (i.e. I know when to Shut up and open all ears!).

Armory Link: ... Blackharte

Anyway.. there you go, thanks for taking the time to looking into this, and i'll leave my fate unto yourselves... :)

Sat May 10, 2008 12:29
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Post Re: Application: Blackharte (Rogue)
Congratulations, your application has been accepted.

Please whisper one of the officers in game for an invitation.

Officers: Harpo, Dorthar, Amandil, Rutabaga, Hermes, Matori, Shacria, Zethus, Graveluth

Winner of the Guild's Worst Singer Award

Sun May 11, 2008 15:55
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