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Application from Shejtan

Name Class Level Server Application Date Status
Shejtan Mage 80 Bronzebeard 2010-09-01 15:09:35 Accepted
Other Character Info
Is this your main char?

How long have you played this character?

Your main spec : (Please try to log off in your main spec gear.)
fire spec

Previous guilds (and server if not Bronzebeard)?
Parthenon knights

Why did you leave?
they have been inactive for about 4 months now and im bored of not beeing usefull to someone and bored puging fail raids

How did you hear about Past Tense?
Raiding Info
What's the best time for you to raid?
well if you guys only raid 3 days a week my best time to play is around 23h

What is your raid experience?
clreared all the Wotlk raids in 10 man mode and a few in 25 and harde modes

We are a LATE NIGHT raiding guild. We usually raid from 23h to 01h server time? Is that OK with you?
its allright

Link to WWS Log Parsers of a current boss fight OR (if dps) Recount screenshot of you and a target dummy
it never happens to me

17 players have signed up for the raid. You were the 3rd person to sign up, but you are not in the final 10. What would you do? (Feel free to give us a true answer).
as i told Phenom yesterday i would eaven join this guild as an replacement from someone so it isnt a problem for me to wait for a spot to open up
Personal Info
Why do you want to join us?
becouse i want to be usefull again i cant stand boredom of fail pugs and i want some hard modes want to make new friends

How did you hear about us?
ive seen phenom last night on the trade saying that his guild lacks in decent mages than i had a chat with him about all this

Do you know someone from our guild
not personaly nope
Other Personal Info
How old are you?

Where are you from?

Other info you might find worth mentioning:
Im a kind loyal player with a great sence of humor allways open for pranks and all that but allso a very expirienced mage player

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Application: Shejtan (Mage) 
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Post Re: Application: Shejtan (Mage)
Hey Shejtan,

I'm pleased to inform you that your application has been accepted for a Trial within Past Tense.

Whisper me or any of the officers for an invite...

If you have anymore questions or queries, give me a whisper and I'll be more than happy to chat with you.

Finally... Welcome to Past Tense!

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Thu Sep 02, 2010 20:50
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