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Topic review - Jin'rokh the Breaker... Consider yourself Broken. 
Author Message

Reply with quote Post Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2013 13:39
Jin'rokh the Breaker... Consider yourself Broken.
Don't be so quick to hearth away (Trash killed me)
Jin'rokh the Breaker is here to stay (raid with me)
You don't have to admit you're gonna get slayed, (Trash killed me)
Just let me loot you at end of raid (raid with me)

Lyrics by Justin Trousersnake.
11. Jin'rokh.jpg

So, Water & Electricity doesn't mix right...?
Anyway... We've said bye-bye to the Vaults, made progress into the Heart of Fear,
but have yet to venture into the Terrace of Endless Spring.
So, for a change of scenery - how about we go & Troll some Bosses instead!!

That damned Trash!!! Looks like it was US that got trolololled!
However, main focus on this fight was ORB placement, and avoiding getting frazzled! A frustrating 6% wipe on the 1st night, but killed on the 2nd attempt in this raid, meant we got more time to play with the trash leading up to Horridon!

:lol: I hope it's NOT there again Tonight! :lol:

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