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Application from Arvas

Name Class Level Server Application Date Status
Arvas Mage 80 Aszune 2010-10-10 14:16:44 Accepted
Other Character Info
Is this your main char?

How long have you played this character?

Your main spec : (Please try to log off in your main spec gear.)

Previous guilds (and server if not Bronzebeard)?
Tartaros; Tribute

Why did you leave?
Cause i never could attend raids at the normal times due to my work.. Most of the times i replaced who had left...Not that i had trouble with that but i need some challenge, and they couldnt give that tbh... but we are all friends nonetheless...Btw i play now horde side.. so my race is a Bloodelf but im willing to faction change...

How did you hear about Past Tense?
Raiding Info
What's the best time for you to raid?
approx. 23.00

What is your raid experience?
I joined this game at the start of WotLK so sadly ive never done the old raids..but im experienced with 3 wings ICC 10 and first wing ICC 25 (i know this is not much, but due to my work and such i'm relieing on pugs or self made groups late at night to get some raiding going on..

We are a LATE NIGHT raiding guild. We usually raid from 23h to 01h server time? Is that OK with you?
More than fine for me, if it start later im fine with that aswell

Link to WWS Log Parsers of a current boss fight OR (if dps) Recount screenshot of you and a target dummy
nope sorry..

17 players have signed up for the raid. You were the 3rd person to sign up, but you are not in the final 10. What would you do? (Feel free to give us a true answer).
i would feel bummed by that, but i dont vent that ingame.. cause in the end WoW is just a game, and i will get another shot at it some other time.. just want it all to be fair
Personal Info
Why do you want to join us?
I enjoy raiding, love the thill of it, teamwork, the joy when some boss is downed.. I do love the guilds where i was in, but i dont feel satisfied enough.. thats why i made the decision to look for a late night raiding guild, so that i can progress and learn more... btw i do not have any other apps running on other guilds; this is tbh my first application ever... and im just looking for some adult people, who like a laugh sometimes and can work as a team.. who not flame eachother or bitch and moan.. who can give structured critisism.. (sorry for my poor grammar, english is not my native language)

How did you hear about us?
i browsed through the web and you link popped up.. so i thought why not give it a shot..

Do you know someone from our guild
Other Personal Info
How old are you?

Where are you from?

Other info you might find worth mentioning:
I know this application is not the best one... cause i only raided ToC 10 and 25 and ICC 10 and 25. But im a fast learner and enjoy working as a team.. btw as i mentioned before my char is not a Draeni, but a Bloodelf (still hordeside atm) so if you want to look him up its Arvas - Aszune (bloodelf)

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Application: Arvas (Mage) 
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Post Re: Application: Arvas (Mage)
Sure np...

Got a hectic week ahead of me (due to holiday of a collegae) but somewhere in this week ill make the toon to have a chat



Mon Oct 11, 2010 23:20
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Post Re: Application: Arvas (Mage)
Hi nep, or other guys,

I just wondered if you have some questions left unanswered for me :).. cause iĀ“ve not been online that much due to work atm..
If you so please feel free to ask...

Btw.. been juggling between fire and arcane lately... crazy what they did with AB, atm testing the cons and pros of it..



Sat Oct 16, 2010 07:27
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Post Re: Application: Arvas (Mage)
arvas thank you for the app

i know it has taken a long time for us to get back to you but im pleae to say that you have been accepted for trail

pack your things and get over here

welcome to Past Tense


Today's the day we win. but if we fail drinks are on me

Sun Oct 17, 2010 15:07
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Post Re: Application: Arvas (Mage)
Thanks for the response haha..

Packing my bags tomorrow :) need a truck for that; thanks for having me on trail



Sun Oct 17, 2010 21:21
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